It’s good to go off-piste… When time allows, we try new things from AR to iMessage.

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Everyone loves unicorns right? Well, we decided that it’s just the sort of thing we’d like to see in an imessage game… so we built it.

You’re a unicorn and you need to jump through the gaps in the pipes by tapping the screen at just the right moment.

Time to find out who’s the best unicorn in the universe in our addictive little game testing your focus and control. Keep calm and be a unicorn!

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Do you find yourself shunning the mainstream, constantly looking to be different and “edgy”? Think yourself a creative… Looking to branch out and form your own sub-culture? Enjoy shopping in charity shops and eating Kale salads? Then Hipoji is for you, because other emojis are too mainstream…

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Stickers against friends

Stickers Against Friends is a set of simple, stickers you can use in everyday conversations to add a bit of humour and amusement in iMessage. The stickers have been inspired by the clever guys at Cards Against Humanity™

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