A Scratch Day Win for the Whole Family

An intimate wedding and a quirky honeymoon...

October 23, 2019

It’s no surprise we’ve had plenty of lovely Scratch Day winner stories; I mean we launched nine months ago, and have had thousands of winners every week! That being said, it’s safe to say we didn’t expect to hear that one of our £500 winners spent it on her wedding, of all things…

35-year-old Rhiannon won on Scratch Day after just five weeks of playing. “My family were absolutely chuffed for me” she said. Rhiannon immediately decided to get married to her now-husband, Lee, and spent £300 on a small and intimate ceremony at a local registry office.  

With only close friends and family there, what better way to spend your special day?

Rhiannon decided to spend the final £200 of her winnings on her honeymoon. She got her two kids involved, and took them all on a family weekend to Legoland! Whilst it may not be a traditional honeymoon, it definitely sounds like a lot of fun! 

As a little keepsake, we decided to send Rhiannon and Lee some framed wedding Lego figures with the date of their anniversary. She was so happy to receive a special wedding gift from the game that made it all possible in the first place!

We think Rhiannon’s story shows that with Scratch Day wins, the sky really is the limit! For your chance to win like Rhiannon, you can download Scratch Day here! Have you already got a nice winning story you would like to share with us? Send us an email with the details, and you may feature on our blog!

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