An unusual start…

Viker's latest recruits joined the company remotely. Here's how they found it...

October 29, 2020

The pandemic has turned life as we know it on its head, and working from home has felt a little… strange. Stranger still for those who have started new jobs remotely! We spoke to Viker’s latest recruits to hear all about their experiences, having joined the company without meeting their colleagues face-to-face.

Introducing... Sarah (Customer Service Associate), Adam (Head of Finance) and Maria (Unity Developer)!

How did you feel about joining Viker remotely? 

Sarah: I had very mixed feelings... Instead of the normal worries, like making sure you arrive on time, you worry about how you’re going to bond with people without interacting in person. 

Adam: I’d been wanting to get back into a tech-based company with a good culture, so I felt excited! But it was always going to feel a bit weird being introduced to all your new colleagues over a Zoom call. 

Maria: At first I was a bit nervous, as I find it easier to communicate in person than via message. I settled in after a couple of days and some reassurance though!

How did Viker help you to settle in more easily?

Sarah: It’s been easier than expected! I spent most of my first day on a Zoom call with my manager, who put me at ease and shared a great presentation with me that ran through everything I’d need. Having the presentation to go back to helped me feel more comfortable, as I could refresh my memory. Viker’s Directors, Dan and Ben, cycled over to my house to meet me (from a 2 meter distance!) and drop off my equipment, which was a nice personal touch! 

Adam: Viker makes a conscious effort to have daily team stand-ups and get the whole company together on call three times a week, which seems like the right balance to me. My laptop was ordered straight away too, so that helped!

Maria: I previously completed a placement at Viker, so I already knew some people. There are some new processes in place at Viker now though, that took me a little while to get used to at first, but definitely help things run smoother. I always look forward to the quiz sessions every Friday - it helps me to not feel so isolated.

Has joining remotely impacted your work relationships?

Sarah: I feel as though I know everyone and I really feel part of the team! I can’t wait to get back to working in an office though, so I can continue to get to know everyone better. I miss office chit-chat!  

Adam: There’s a lot to be said for face-to-face contact, body language and social interaction. When I have worked remotely with people before, I’ve found the working relationship is always better once we have met each other in the flesh. I’m also conscious that most of the team already know each other - to get to the same point remotely takes a lot of catching up!

Maria: It was comforting to see some of my old colleagues again, and Viker has grown since I last worked here so it’s been cool to see some new faces too. Honestly, I just love the community at Viker - everyone’s super nice! I’m a bit of an introvert, so I have got used to working by myself pretty quickly - but I do miss chatting with other people while I’m working, and going for lunches together!

What advice would you give someone joining a new company remotely?

Sarah: Don’t be put off by a remote start! The online tools available now make the transition easier than it seems. So long as you have supportive colleagues and managers, you will be absolutely fine!

Adam: Find a company with a vision and culture that you like. If I don’t buy into what a company does, then I may as well not be there. And take the first opportunity you get to meet your teammates in person! 

Maria: Having a set schedule really helps - though it is strange to end the day by just shutting off your computer and going downstairs! Focus on the positives... I can’t say I miss having to commute everyday!

Despite the unusual circumstances, everyone here at Viker feels like Sarah, Adam and Maria are already part of the family! We hope to get together soon to give them the welcome they deserve, in true Viker style... with a few pints down the pub!

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