We Are Viker

Launched in February 2017, Viker was created with one simple but ambitious goal:

‘Make mobile games for the world to play and love.’


Our Founders have decades of experience having worked at some pretty big, intimidating, global superpowers of the gaming and entertainment industry. Together, they have established a crack team to be fast-moving, imaginative and efficient.

A flexible, supportive and innovative bunch, the Viker team has adapted to working-from-home well. Shout-out to Zoom, weekly quizzes, and the many dogs and cats that give everyone a mood boost when they make appearances in meetings!

Viker’s connected and engaged company culture is made of the same ingredients that go into Viker games – with a focus on skill, creativity, satisfaction, progression and, most importantly: fun!

Simple, fun, rewarding. It’s what our games are all about and a big part of our culture.

We think work should be fun so we make sure Viker is a place we want to be, not have to be. We also think it should be a place where you can share your ideas and help one another to overcome hurdles. It’s not a place for ego, but it is a place for terrible jokes. As a reminder of this we have a little sign in our kitchen (it’s actually massive) that says, ‘don’t be a d*ck’. That’s right, no ducks allowed at Viker.

We love experimenting and we love to make wild ideas come to life quickly. If you’ve got one then blow our minds at hello@viker.co.uk or stalk us on social.