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Stop It

Killing time never felt so much fun, literally. Stop It! is based on a game we’ve all played at some point on a digital watch or smartphone, now brought to life with lots of exciting challenges, cool themes and just one aim – Stop the clock.

It couldn’t be easier. Or could it? There’s only one way to find out. Hit the targets and you’ll start earning 100’s of fun emojis as badges of honour. Can you collect them all?

  • Easy and quick to play
  • Hundreds of levels
  • Diverse range of game mechanics
  • Social sharing capabilities
  • Collectable emoji awards
  • Thematic updates
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Amazeballs is a fantastic casual mobile puzzle game, that takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master.

Simply build columns and rows by dragging and dropping the puzzle pieces onto the 10 by 10 grid. Build your score and compete against your friends.

  • Years of free game play
  • 13 puzzle pieces
  • 6 free themes
  • Undo your last move
  • Keep playing feature
  • No time limit
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One Dish

One Dish is the ultimate mobile game for food lovers and foodies, or just people who loves Picture Quizzes.

With over 500 answers to find in beautiful food dishes and ingredients. OneDish delivers high quality food photographs of dishes from top food bloggers and restaurants, in a word based picture quiz.

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Ballz vs Starz

Ballz vs Starz is a fantastic casual free mobile game. Simply shoot the balls at the blocks to break them, shoot the stars to destroy the shapes. Perfect to play in bed, on the train, just about anywhere!

Gain extra balls as the protective bricks get harder to smash and reach your high score in an endlessly addictive, exciting, fast-paced action game.

  • Destroy stars with balls
  • Collecting stars clear all shapes on screen
  • Fast forward gameplay
  • Keep Playing and Head Start features
  • No time limit