Meet Lea

The unique story of our Creative Designer's journey to Viker!

April 13, 2020

We’re onto number four of our ‘Meet the Team’ series! It’s time to introduce you to our Creative Designer, Lea. She moved from her hometown in France all the way to London, in order to pursue a career in design…

Would you call yourself a gamer?
I wouldn’t say I’m a gamer as such, but I’ve always been a major Sims fan! I’ve played it since I was about 10 years old and I still really enjoy it. I’ve even been known to spend days building a mansion… without ever putting any Sims in it! I just love architecture!

How did you get into designing?
To be honest, I’ve been creative for as long as I can remember, so I’ve always known I wanted to be a designer. When I was really young I used to make my own clothes out of curtains or old fabrics, and then put on a fashion show for my parents! My creativity grew more and more as I got older, before I went onto study Graphic Design in Lyon, France. I then did a few internships, which made it crystal clear that design was the career for me.

So, how did you go onto securing a design role at Viker?
After my internships, I had two choices: move to Paris and get my first job there, or follow my dream and live in London. I took the plunge and moved to London, but my English was terrible, so it was quite daunting! I got a job in a bar where I had to communicate with loads of people, to help with my English. It paid off! When I felt confident enough, I then sent my CV to a few different places. Viker stood out to me because I’d never thought to work in the games industry before… and I love it!

What’s your favourite thing about working for Viker?
My role is to give our games life - a style and an identity - based on the concepts I receive from our Game Designer, Oliver. This often means working on creatives for brand new in-game events, which I think is my favourite thing; the fact that everyday I’m doing something different - it never gets boring! 

Another thing I really appreciate about Viker is how lovely everybody is; I would say one of my biggest challenges is understanding complex conversations and conveying my points properly, as my English still isn’t perfect. However, everybody helps me out - they’re so understanding, which means a lot to me.

How do you spend your time, outside of work?
Honestly, my favourite thing to do is discovering new areas of London - it’s all still so exciting to me! I also find drawing digitally really relaxing, so that’s definitely a hobby of mine.

Do you have any interesting facts about yourself to share?
Well, I’m dairy intolerant. It might not seem interesting, but I’m a conventional French so I love cheese, and I can’t eat it anymore! I must dream about Brie and Camembert a few times a week!

It’s safe to say Lea has a unique story; we hope you enjoyed reading all about her! Who do you want to hear about next?

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