Meet Oliver

We found out a bit more about our Game Designer’s background...

March 30, 2020

You may have read our last post, introducing you to Martin (if not, read it here!) We wanted to carry on where we left off, this time with a member of another department… our Game Designer, Oliver! 

Can you give us a bit of background on how you got into gaming?
I played a lot of video-games when I was younger - I started off by playing point-and-click adventures on my Grandpa’s computer! It was when I got my first console, my Game Boy Advance when I was seven, that I really started to get invested. Since then I’ve owned a lot of consoles, and have played games pretty much every day since!

What about games design - how did you get into that?
Well, I was actually going to study Film and Television at the University of York - as I enjoyed making movies - but, the uni then suggested the course Interactive Media which partly focused on programming and making video-games. I decided to go ahead with it and video-games soon became the main focus for me. I pursued design in particular, just because I’ve always been passionate about storytelling, and bringing ideas to life; I’m a very creative-driven guy. 

Career wise, I was constantly applying for game design roles as I was approaching the end of my degree, but my application progress in the UK was quite slow. I eventually got an exciting work opportunity, but it was in Vietnam! I was so eager to kick-start my career, so I took the plunge and moved to Vietnam for 6 months, to work as Assistant Concept Producer Intern at a games studio. 

So, what about getting to Viker?
As I was finishing up my internship in Vietnam, I decided I wanted to try to pursue a career in the UK, and move closer to home again. I also wanted to dive deeper into the role of Games Design, and work on ideas that I could see coming to life the majority of the time! Viker seemed like an exciting opportunity.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Viker?
There’s honestly so many things I love - I can’t pick just one! My job role itself is obviously one of them - it’s great getting to create new concepts from the ground up! Also, the friendly bunch of people. A lot of the time people stay behind in the office after work on a Friday for a few drinks and games. We also all have pizza for lunch on the last Friday of every month, which I always look forward to!

Lastly, what’s one fun fact about you?
I sat next to Elisabeth Moss as an extra in the movie ‘Mad to Be Normal’… so that was cool. 

That’s all from Oliver! Who do you want to hear about next? Be sure to let us know! 

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