Meet the Communications Team

A sneak peak into the life of the communications team at Viker!

November 20, 2019

You may know a lot about our games, but we’re certain you don’t know about the specific teams at Viker! So, we’re going to be telling you all about our communications team today… because who doesn’t love to be nosey sometimes? 

A day in the life
The communications department all work hard to ensure that Viker’s presence is known, in lots of different ways! A standard day for the communications team here at Viker certainly differs, but you can guarantee that customer service is always a priority on the agenda - answering any queries and/or concerns any of our players have! 

The rest of the day will vary person-by-person and day-by-day, but here’s a brief overview of what they could be up to:

  •  Community management and content creation: A main task for the team is planning and creating content for all of our social pages. This includes deciding on competition prizes, designing graphics, writing copy… and more, all to engage our lovely community. They have also been working hard on a robot for Facebook messenger, to get all of your questions answered quicker!
  •  Influencer activity: This includes finding and contacting influencers to tell their loyal fans all about Viker, writing briefs, and approving content that they send over to ensure it’s right for us!
  • Marketing campaigns: Planning, proposing and executing campaigns that make new people aware of our games is an important responsibility for the team. For example, this year the communications team took Viker to Freshers’ Fairs, including Bournemouth and Kingston University! You can check out our Freshers’ blog post here.
  • Notifications: All those notifications you receive on your phone for our games? They’re the responsibility of the communications team too. They work out which audiences to target for different notifications, and write the copy for all of the notifications you see!
  • Blog: Yep, this blog right here! The team plan out what should be posted, and write all the posts up!
  • PR: A new venture for Viker; the communications team will be planning out any PR campaigns or potential stories to share, and working with the press to get them published!

So, that wraps it up! We hope you’ve learned a lot about our communications team! Which team do you want to hear about next? Let us know by sending us a message!  

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