We started VIKER to make super casual mobile games for the billions of mobile game players around the world. We now have over 80 million VIKER games downloaded in over 100 countries around the world.
And now we’re looking to make Play-and-Earn mobile games more accessible and mainstream to our players.

With so many people playing mobile games, why isn’t anyone earning money for the time they spend playing games? It’s time to change that and that’s why players of VIKER games can earn Bitcoin today simply by playing our games.

There’s no complex sign up or purchases required, players can earn as soon as they start playing. With games like Solitaire, Sudoku, Wordle and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire we’re dealing with popular and super casual games, which we know our players enjoy playing.

We have some awesome investors, who offer us more than just finances but networking and experience. As we prepare for more VIKER innovation later in 2022 with the launch of NFT Genesis, which enables players to multiply their earnings and the VIKER COIN (V-COIN), a bespoke crypto currency earned by playing VIKER games.


Ben and Dan founded VIKER in 2019 aiming to build casual mobile games enjoyed by the masses – and it worked.  

After proving VIKER could deliver fun, engaging and successful mobile games (average daily spend: 92 minutes), they decided to set VIKER on a path to bring that casual approach to the Play-and-Earn mobile space. 

Believing that Crypto shouldn’t be intimidating or exclusively for the already wealthy. VIKER is making Play-and-Earn as simple as it sounds, using real-world rewards in exchange for player time on VIKER’s casual mobile games.


Our company is like our games, fun, unique and not too serious. We’re lucky to have an awesome team of passionate dev legends. 

We champion the average gamer and we never compromise on what an awesome gaming experience should be.  That’s pretty cool, it means we always go the extra mile or take that bit of extra time to make sure things feel right. 

And while the gaming side of our business is important (obvs as we’re a business), we never lose sight of the fact that we’re all real people, with real worries, issues and responsibilities. In fact, our employee wellbeing is probably the only thing we take very seriously at VIKER. You’ll find us organising regular social events, or jumping into a quick team call where everyone is encouraged to be open. 

There are also a load of other perks, which we’ll call VPs, (VIKER perks)

Competitive pay – of course, you don’t attract awesome talent unless you pay them what they’re worth. 

Profit share – we all do well together, that’s awesome.

Medical – you bet, we’ve got your back there.

Financial Savings Plan – sounds boring, but apparently it’s super important.

Time off – we literally have to tell people to take holidays, it’s not all about work.

Learning – you’re only as good as the people around you, so we roll out hundreds of courses for our people to access anytime. 

Fancy office space – not sure we’d call it fancy, but it is fun, spacious and having everything you need to collaborate, concentrate or chill out. 

Fitness – healthy body, healthy mind and we’re all about both at VIKER.

Friends – nothing makes us happier than seeing our people enjoying time together, we work hard to help those connections and friendships flourish.

We’ve probably forgotten about something, but you get the general idea. 


Our company motto is simple – Don’t be a d*ck! 

We work hard, we laugh harder. We’re a successful business because we have incredible people and we never take that for granted. We make time for each other and we look out for each other. Personal well-being comes first, always and that’s not negotiable. We love the games we make and we hope it shines through. We want everyone to do well, no one is ever held back. There are no limits and we’re all in this together.