Thanksgiving Thoughts

10 reasons we are feeling thankful this Thanksgiving

November 26, 2020

2020 has been a difficult year, but the pandemic has made us all a lot more appreciative of things we previously took for granted. This Thanksgiving, everyone at Viker took a moment to reflect on what a whirlwind year it has been, and count our blessings. Here’s a roundup of the top 10 things we’re feeling particularly thankful for!

  1. Sweatpants

Lluis: I feel thankful for comfy sweatpants - it’s pretty much all I’ve worn this year! 

  1. Family and friends

Dan: I’m thankful for being able to spend more time with my family this year. Working at home has meant I’ve been able to see so much more of the kids growing up at a young age than I ordinarily would - so that’s been quite cool! 

Ryan: I’m thankful for my family! Not being able to get together for birthdays meant I didn’t see my family much this year, which definitely put it into perspective that I should try to speak to them more. I’ve gotten better at video calling them and generally checking-in, so that even if we’re not meeting up, I always know what they’re up to!

Felix: I’m thankful for the friends who have made an extra effort to socialise and maintain a sense of normality; whether it’s arranging online games nights, or meeting up in person (within restrictions).

  1. The NHS

Chun: I’m really thankful for living in a country with free healthcare, where everyone has the access to the same services, and I’m grateful for the effort that health workers put in. That’s definitely something I took for granted before the pandemic.

Adam: I'm thankful for the NHS and the work of scientists developing vaccines to help the world return to some sort of normality, and I’m very thankful that my family have all remained healthy!

  1. Dogs

Ellie: I’m thankful for dogs! I don’t think anything has given me a mood boost more during lockdown than seeing all the dogs at the park running around having a lovely time, oblivious to the pandemic.

Anastasia: What I am thankful for the most is welcoming my dog Keira to the family. She’s my lovely monster!

  1. Technology

Lluis: I’m thankful for Youtube, Twitch and Netflix for giving me countless hours of entertainment while bored at home!

Tahlia: Being able to Zoom call my family, friends and boyfriend for catch-ups, quizzes and virtual pilates classes has really kept my spirits up whilst living away from home in the pandemic. 

Sarah: Zoom calls have definitely brought me closer to some friends I ordinarily wouldn’t have spoken to as much, so I’m thankful for that!

Adam: I’m thankful for Tiger King keeping us sane in the first lockdown!

  1. Exercise 

Will: I’m thankful that I’ve got the flexibility to fit exercise around my working day. When you’re forced to spend 90% of your time within the same four walls, the escape of exercise means so much more than it did before!

  1. Travel

KP: I am grateful for having had the opportunity to travel in the years leading up to 2020!

Ellie: Not going abroad in 2020 has made me feel especially lucky that I was able to visit some pretty cool places before this year. I won’t ever take the freedom to travel for granted again... no more grumbling about flight delays or leg room, I’ll be romanticising every part of my future trips!

  1. Work

Sarah: I was furloughed from my previous job in the travel industry, with redundancies pending, so I’m grateful to have found a job at Viker and for the support Viker’s given me!

Anastasia: I am so thankful for my relocation to London, that luckily went relatively smoothly - right before the pandemic! It is an absolute pleasure to have such a great place to start my career in London; I’ve met so many great colleagues at Viker, and this is an experience I am really grateful for!

  1. Music

Alexey: I’m thankful for music. I have realised that I massively took live music for granted before covid... I feel starved for gigs now! 

  1.  Life 

KP: I am thankful that I live in peace. We take for granted just living a normal day-to-day life, but that itself is a gift.

As tough as 2020 has been, we've realised there's a lot to be grateful for and we hope you feel the same! Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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Thanksgiving Thoughts

10 reasons we are feeling thankful this Thanksgiving

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