The Ultimate Treasure Hunting Game

Dig through the dirt to find rare treasures... including real cash prizes!

June 15, 2020

The most recent edition to our ‘Day’ game family is Treasure Day! If you’re looking to find out more about how you can win, or want your question about Treasure Day answered, you’re in the right place (download it here)!

What is Treasure Day?
Available on both Android and iOS, Treasure Day is a fun way to win real money! Dig through the dirt and smash through the rocks to see what hidden wonders you’ll find.

How do you play?
With Treasure Day, you’ll be introduced to a variety of digsites. On each digsite, simply use your finger to swipe the dirt away, and tap on a rock multiple times (using a virtual pickaxe) to smash through it! 

There are a variety of things you can find underneath, with cash being one of the main appeals! Once you build up £10/$10/10€ from your digsite discoveries, you can cash this straight out to your PayPal account. Trust us, virtual treasure hunting is a lot more effective than real-life...

What can you find in the digsites, and what is each treasure used for?
Common things found in Treasure Day’s digsites are: special gems, real money, relics, or keys. They’re all valuable in their own way:

  • Gems: finding a rare gemstone is exciting as it is, and they have a couple of cool purposes. Firstly, you can use them to unlock new dig themes, which keep the game fun and enjoyable! You can also use them to buy new pickaxes. You won’t want to run out of tools on a digsite, and miss out on a cash prize hidden under a rock… yep, gems are very valuable.
  • Real money: Who wouldn’t want to find a huge wad of cash? This can be built up and cashed out once you find a total of £10/$10/10€! 
  • Relics: Relics build up artefacts which, in turn, fill up your prestigious Treasure Hunter’s gallery! You can find bronze, silver and gold relics in digsites, depending on how common the artefacts are. Only true Treasure Hunter’s complete their entire gallery! Feel free to share it with your friends, and see who can find all the artefacts first…
  • Keys: golden keys can be found under the dirt and rocks. Once you’ve found three, you can unlock a lucky treasure chest! In these you can find one of three things: more gems, a new dig theme, or additional keys which will get you closer to unlocking another chest! 

So, there’s a lot to do on Treasure Day, as if finding money wasn’t enough. Make sure to follow our socials and let us know what you think!

The Ultimate Treasure Hunting Game

Dig through the dirt to find rare treasures… including real cash prizes!

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